Timesaving Maintenance
Tracking Software

Keep your aircraft maintenance records up to date with maintenance tracking software from C.A.L.M. From airframe inspections to mechanic costs, we give you the tools necessary to create detailed maintenance reports. Contact us to discuss options that meet your specific needs.

Airline Suite

The C.A.L.M. Airline Suite is the number-1 choice of aircraft maintenance managers. It consists of all modules of C.A.L.M (Computerized Aircraft Log Manager (c) along with C.A.S (Continued Aircraft Surveillance) and:

• Basic Equipment List (BEL): Includes Comparison Audit for Tracking Items
• Aircraft & Engine Templates: Ease of Initial Entry as Available
• On-Screen Sort and Browse: Include Ata
• Maintenance Tracking: Airframe, Engines, and Auxiliary Systems
• Bulletin Tracking: AD's, Service Bulletins, Technical and User Defined
• Airframe Inspections: Separate Database with Compliance Reports
• Block Inspections: Automatic Calculation for Progressive Maintenance
• Add Flight Time: Update All Components and inspections
• Maintenance Tracking Report: User Defined 7 Sort Capabilities
• Daily Utilization Report: Dates Due for Planning Based on Estimated Flight Time
• Maintenance Due: Forecast Report for Fleet
• Very Flight Time Log: Flight Log on Monthly Basis
• Component Record Cards: Historical Installation and Removal
• Logbook Entry: Signature Block and Multiple Print Options
• Budget Forecasting: Cash Flow Budget Based on Pre-Set Warning Times
• Rotable Value and Reserve: Residual Value Based on Component Usage
• Fleet-Wide Part Search: Search Tracking, Work or Repair Order or Inventory for Part Location

Plane in Sky


• Designed Specifically for Aviation Use
• Unlimited Size
• Vendor and Customer Databases
• Multiple Locations
• Alternative Parts
• Receipt and Dispense Features
• Physical Inventory Audit
• Consigned Inventory

Purchase Orders

• Issued on Command
• On-Order Report
• Back Orders
• Alternate Vendors
• Full Traceability

Work Orders

• User Defined Job/Work Categories
• Task Templates For Repetitive Jobs
• Mechanic Labor Hours and Rates
• Job Costing for Parts and Labor
• Inventory Link
• Auto-Work Order Creation for Items on Due Lists

Continuous Aircraft Surveillance (C.A.S.)

This software monitors discrepancies and reports mechanical reliability and corrective actions or deferrals. It is integrated with work orders to create automatic MEL tasks to be completed with work orders to create automatic MEL tasks to be completed. Features and reports include:

• Corrective Action Request
• Corrective Action Log
• MEL and MEL Extensions
• MIS - Mechanical Control Log
• Deferred by Mechanic
• Deferral Discrepancy Log
• MRR - Mechanical Reliability Report
• Premature Engine Removal Report

Modular Software Package Description